Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Happy Christmas and an Interoperable New Year!

As the Festive Season approaches, the IHE Australia Management Committee would like to thank all who supported and participated in the IHE activities in Australia in 2008:

The 1st Australian IHE Connectathon held in Canberra at the end of July (www.IHE.net.au/Open-Day.htm & www.IHE.net.au/WebServices-Forum.htm) at which 11 vendors tested 18 products and achieved 41 successful product tests.
4 Australian products now have an internationally recognised IHE "golden tick" (see www.IHE.net.au/Results-2008.htm)
9 products tested successfully to the exploratory Australian "Diagnostic Reporting" profile

- The 4th Interoperability Showcase held in August 31 - Sept. 3 in Melbourne as part of the HIC'08 and Health-e-Nation Industry Exhibition (see www.IHE.net.au/Showcase-2008.htm)

Our special thanks go to Chris Lindop who supported and guided us through the first IHE Connectathon held in Australia and the volunteers who spent many days and nights helping to make the Connectathon and Showcase happen. Our thanks also go to the HISA event managers who worked hard in the background to ensure everything ran smoothly.

The feedback from the 2008 events has been very positive and the Management Committee has commenced planning for the 2009 IHE events. The 5th Interoperability Showcase will be held as part of the Industry Exhibition at HIC'09 on 19-21 August, 2009 in the National Convention Centre in Canberra. As per the feedback from this year's participants, we are planning to hold the 2nd Australian IHE Connectathon ~6 weeks prior, so in early July 2009.

The Management Committee has already received many Expressions of Interest for the 2009 Connectathon and Showcase, so please send us an e-mail if you or your organisation would like to support or participate in the 2009 IHE events.

Again, many thanks to all who contributed to the success of the IHE work in 2008. Best wishes for Peaceful Christmas and Happy New Year!

Friday, 17 October 2008

IHE Connectathon & Interoperability Showcase 2008 completed!

The 2008 IHE "Connectathon" & Interoperability Showcase have been successfully completed with a number of companies getting IHE approvals for their products.

See www.IHE.net.au/Results-2008.htm for the more details or contact Klaus Veil on 0412 746 457 to find out more.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

IHE "Connectathon" & Interoperability Showcase 2008

Preparations for the IHE "Connectathon" & Interoperability Showcase 2008 are progressing well and registrations are now open. Check the details at www.IHE.net.au, then contact Klaus Veil on 0412 746 457 to find out more.

The IHE community uses Skype to communicate.

Friday, 25 April 2008

Web Services and Sites for the e-Health Industry

A services for professional web presences for eHealth Organizations and Consultants is now available. "e-Health Web Services" provides full services basic and comprehensive web sites. These include wikis, blogs, forums, etc. Due to the unique business model, the cost of the sites is about 10% of traditional approaches.

More information at e-Health Web Services.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

4th Australian "Connectathon" 2008

The fourth IHE-style "Connectathon" for the Asia-Pacific region will be held in Melbourne, Australia in August/September 2008.

More details at www.IHE.org.au

The wiki is at http://IHE-Au.wik.is